With the release of the beta version it seemed fitting to create a project page.

The beta version includes the following updates
- OS X Leopard compatibility, other versions are unknown whether they work at this time
-improved output look, output font is now bold and antialiased for better viewing,  output font can now be changed
- improved user interface, now contains the ability to easily add bible verses or videos to your presentation and can be controlled entirely by keyboard or mce remote
- other minor improvements and bug fixes

Useful Information:

Java SE 5 or greater is necessary to run this program

The program can be run in Windows and OS X by just double clicking, linux seems to have a problem with directories when this is done so you need to use and you may need to make it executable on your system before you can do that

Fonts can be changed via Options->preferences and choosing the font you want

Videos currently must be in the Videos directory in order to be played for the moment at least to allow relative paths to be used

The program is portable by design and can run off of a flash drive if so desired

Video does not work perfectly on some computers or with certain video codecs and takes up a lot of resources, the problem is with the available video options for java, to test if most videos should work on your computer run the included test video file from the program

Download Cross Platform Version